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Arne Simonsen at the ChiroHouse

Arne Simonsen at the ChiroHouse

Published 17 November 2020 | Team

Three words have a special meaning at the Chirohouse: innovative therapy, health and movement. Our therapists explain why they are so important and at the same time give an insight into the concept of the Chirohouse.

Arne Simonsen // Chiropractic

"Innovative therapy" Innovative therapy means that the focus of the treatment is on the patient's entire life situation instead of just the acute symptoms - thus a sustainable improvement in the quality of life is achieved together with the patient through an active and adaptive treatment plan. The goals are sometimes as different as the patients themselves: for one to return to sports, for others to spend valuable time with the grandchildren.

"Health": It is far more than the absence of physical or mental illness, but the mental peace and freedom to enjoy everyday life without negative associations or a thought of limitations.

"Movement": The homogeneous interaction of all systems of the body as a movement apparatus to adapt to the current situation. For this, it is crucial to look at each hurdle of a patient individually.

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