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24 January 2022

Sneakers or high heels for the pelvic floor?

Can the position of the foot influence the pelvic floor muscles? Sounds strange at first, but it is exactly the case. Researchers have taken a closer look at this interesting connection in women ...

23 September 2021

More than "just" headaches

The International Headache Society1 lists over 100 different headache variants in its register. These differ in cause, type, severity, duration and symptoms. More than 90% of patients are affected by primary headaches, for example tension headaches ...

10 June 2021

Suspected tennis elbow - When does diagnostic imaging help?

In addition to tennis elbow, a variety of conditions can lead to pain at the outer elbow. A detailed anamnesis and examination of the elbow usually make it possible to identify the potential causes (differential diagnoses) on the basis of significant symptoms and findings. …

08 June 2021

Diagnosis of tennis elbow - therapy options

According to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, about 2% of the population suffer from tennis elbow. Within one year, about 80 % of patients are free of symptoms. If the clinical examination clearly points to tennis elbow, a conservative manual treatment should be ...

20 May 2021

Painful elbow is not always tennis elbow

Even the medical term for tennis elbow is difficult to find; many synonyms are used, but by definition most of them are not fully accurate. Histological studies have shown that it is not inflammatory (tendinitis) but ...

26 April 2021

Yoga and sports therapy help against chronic low back pain

Yoga is not only fun. Millions of yogis practise yoga to combat stress, depression, migraines, sleep, blood pressure, joint and muscle problems. Yoga is also popular against back pain. The smallest movements first get the spine moving again. …

30 March 2021

Chiropractic helps effectively against headaches

Not all headaches are the same. Experts distinguish between cervical headache, migraine and tension headache, for example. Cervical headache usually starts on one side at the back of the head and moves forward, often accompanied by shoulder or arm pain ...

15 March 2021

Back Health Day

Everyone knows it, everyone hates it: back pain is annoying and widespread. 85 percent of people in this country have back pain at least once in their lives. Mostly it is in the loin, but neck pain in the upper back is also widespread ...

29 January 2021

Back pain study JAMA

Every second adult has back pain from time to time or constantly in the course of their life. Therapies such as painkillers, medication for muscle relaxation, sport, physiotherapy or heat packs only help some of those affected.

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