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Corona measures

To protect the health of all of us and slow the spread of COVID -19

We are here for you

COVID-19 Measures

To protect the health of all of us and slow down the spread of COVID -19, we have taken special measures at our ChiroHouse practice.

We take all measures to protect our patients

  • Contact-free: we treat you in two separate treatment rooms so that you do not come into contact with other patients
  • No waiting in the waiting room: you go directly to a treatment room
  • Disinfection: Surfaces of the couches, surfaces and door handles etc. are disinfected after each patient and we provide disinfectant at the reception.

We do our best to cater for everyone's needs, but please make sure you follow these tips when you come into the practice

  • If possible, come without an escort.
  • Please wear a protective mask if possible.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering the practice.
  • We ask for your understanding that we currently refrain from shaking hands for your and our protection.
  • If possible, please keep 2m away from people with respiratory problems.
  • Please pay by EC or credit card if possible.

Please also note that you will not come to our practice if ...

  • you have a cough, fever or other cold symptoms,
  • you have had contact with a person who has or has had such symptoms or who has been tested for the virus, or
  • you have been in a risk area.
  • If you are chronically ill or immunocompromised.
  • We strongly recommend that people over the age of 70 only come to us in an emergency.

We thank you for your trust, stay healthy!

Your ChiroHouse Team

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