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Mother and child

Chiropractic around pregnancy and birth

Chiropractic and sports therapy for pregnant women, babies and children

When a baby is on the way, life changes completely. Pregnancy also means a big physical change: posture changes, ligaments and joints loosen up, the bony pelvis widens. We take away the pain and prepare you gently for the birth. We release blockages, improve the neurophysiological function of the nervous system and optimise the mobility and alignment of the pelvic region. In this way we create the best conditions for your child to find the right birth position. We are also there for you and your baby after the birth. So that you have a good start together. Our chiropractors are experts in the gentle chiropractic treatment of pregnant women, newborns and infants. Talk to us!

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We accompany your pregnancy and the time after birth - for a successful start of mother and child

Chiropractic for pregnant women and babies Chirohouse Berlin

Kinesiotaping Pregnancy Chiropractic Chirohouse Berlin

Mother and child chiropractic for pregnant women, babies and children Chirohouse Berlin

Our team for mother and child

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