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Marte Hetlevik-Simonsen at ChiroHouse

Marte Hetlevik-Simonsen at ChiroHouse

Published 6 October 2020 | Team

Three words have a special meaning at the Chirohouse: innovative therapy, health and movement. Our therapists explain why they are so important and at the same time give an insight into the concept of the Chirohouse.

Marte Hetlevik Simonsen // Chiropractic

Innovative therapy: For me, innovative therapy means continuously improving therapy concepts. We look at the whole body as one unit and find a solution that is long-lasting and achievable.

Health: Health for each individual means being able to do what you want and having the ability to do it again. And to do it in a way that does not risk causing harm, even through repetition.

Exercise: Movement is and should be an important part of our lives! Our bodies are designed to move and have a wide variety of movement. This is easily seen in babies and toddlers and the way they move and learn to navigate the world around them.

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