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Sports therapist

A-licence trainer, specialist in the Neurac method


Sports therapist
A-Licence Trainer


Otto Boysen studied sports therapy and prevention at the University of Potsdam. He has specialised in so-called neuromuscular activation according to the Neurac method. In addition to his work at the Chirohouse since the summer of 2020, he regularly takes part in further and advanced training. He has already completed the following courses: Neurac 1, Neurac 2, Rehabilitation Orthopaedics, Cardiovascular Diseases, Psychosomatic and Neurological Diseases. Otto also has in-depth knowledge of kinesiotaping. He has a Fitness A licence and incorporates the method of kinesiology into his work. The sports therapist is currently training to become an osteopath.

Otto's motivation for his daily work: Empowering patients and showing them ways to cope with pain and movement restrictions on their own. His understanding of innovative therapy: on the one hand, analysing complex anatomical structures and their biomechanical functions in detail. On the other hand, treating the patient from different angles and with a wide variety of methods - and actively involving him or her at all times from anamnesis to planning the therapy to implementation.

If standing still is the opposite of health, movement is life.

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