Massage therapist

Specialist in Swedish and deep tissue massage, alternative practitioner, osteopathy student


Alternative practitioner
Bachelor of Science Complementary Medicine


Rena's childhood and youth were shaped by competitive swimming. Today she hikes and cycles whenever she can. Rena Schulte trained as an alternative practitioner, learned shiatsu, Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. She is currently training to become an osteopath. She specializes in a combination of bodywork with the practice of inner mindfulness. Rena mainly treats people with headaches, gastrointestinal complaints, during and after pregnancy, post-operative scars, muscular tension, stress-associated symptoms and people in emotionally difficult periods.
She massages deeply and calmly.

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  • Massage therapist in Yasuragi, Sweden and in Quiet - Auroville, India
I am fascinated by how body, feelings and thoughts interact. I am motivated when people find their strength and peace through a good massage.

Chirohouse Chiropractor Berlin and Berlin-Mitte. Massage mit Rena - Chiropraxis und private Massagen - schmerzfrei, gelassen und entspannt ins Homeoffice zurück.

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