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Medical masseur

Deep Tissue Massage Specialist, Artistic Gymnast, Anatomy Fan


Medical masseur


As a professional artistic gymnast, Jonas Gruber was one of the best in Germany in the six-man competition for years in his youth. He discovered his love for powerful and effective massages with the team's medical masseur. He has been massaging himself since the age of 15. Today, the trained medical masseur specialises in sports and medical massages. He mainly treats muscular tension and strains, joint blockages, pinched nerves, sports injuries, headaches or after operations. Gruber mainly massages deeply and powerfully; he mostly uses the so-called deep tissue massage. This special deep massage works with pressure, traction, stretching and firm stroking movements - and works on deeper lying hardened, stuck or tense tissue layers. Gruber works at the ChiroHouse in Berlin and accompanies acrobats and dancers as a mobile masseur backstage, at home and at the theatre.



Personal masseur to celebrities from the international acting and music scene.

Jonas Gruber Medical Masseur at Chirohouse Berlin

As an athlete, I know pain and how to deal with it. I am motivated by working with people on their bodies.

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Medical Massage Chiropractic Jonas Gruber Chirohouse Berlin

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