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Massage therapist

Specialist for Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, alternative practitioner, professional swimmer


Massage therapist and alternative practitioner


Rena's childhood and youth were shaped by competitive swimming and, since the age of 19, the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Rena trained as an alternative practitioner and also learned shiatsu and classical massage. Thus she specialised in a combination of bodywork with the practice of inner mindfulness. Rena mainly treats people with muscular tension, headaches, stress-associated symptoms, but also in emotionally difficult phases. She massages deeply and calmly, using classical Swedish massage in combination with Deep Tissue Massage. This type of massage uses pressure, mobilisation, traction, stretching and stroking movements.



B.Sc. complementary medicine, alternative practitioner
Massage therapist in Yasuragi, Sweden and in Quiet - Auroville, India

I am fascinated by how body, feelings and thoughts interact. I am motivated when people find their strength and peace through a good massage.

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