Wellness masseur

Massage expert for wellness, sports and deep tissue massages


Wellness masseur


James Kingsford-Smith is an experienced massage therapist with a passion for wellness, sports and deep massage. Born in England and raised in Scotland and Australia, he completed his training in Melbourne. With five years of experience in cities such as Berlin, Melbourne, Milan and London, he has earned an excellent reputation.

As a performer, James understands how extreme stresses take a toll on the body and has an extensive knowledge of physical training. This experience helps James tailor massages accordingly to the stresses or discomforts.

In terms of health, James looks at it holistically. For him, it's not just about symptoms, but looking at all aspects of life.

James Kingsford-Smith is an expert in his field and is very dedicated to his work. His references speak for his expertise and the positive results he achieves with his massages.

My passion is improving the movement of the human body. As a circus performer and massage therapist, my acrobatic experiences and work with diverse people help me better understand biomechanics and help bodies perform at their best.

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