Acute treatment, prevention, training: three steps to lasting health

Three steps to well-being

Chiropractors palpate compressed nerves and restore the free flow of information from your nervous system to all organs with short rapid pulses. Chiropractic is an effective and safe treatment and therefore suitable for infants, small children, and adults. Often misalignments of the joints or fixations of the spine have existed for years. Pain and tense muscles are the result. Our team at ChiroHouse combines chiropractic with sports therapy and massage practices to help you feel better. In the three stages of treatment, acute phase, prevention and training, all procedures are holistically intertwined. The goal of the multi-stage therapy: to eliminate acute causes of pain and to support the functional self-healing of the body so that diseases do not develop in the first place.

What is the cost of treatment at ChiroHouse?

Effective, preventive, sustainable: our expert knowledge for your lasting health

The three pillars

In the acute phase, the chiropractor treats the cause of pain, minimises discomfort and restores mobility in the joint and nervous system. In the prevention phase, the team activates the musculature, releases tension and stabilises posture. The training phase serves to restore and improve the function of the movement system and to strengthen all structures.

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Effective and beneficial: chiropractic releases joint blockages and promotes self-healing


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Anticipatory and preventive: muscle activation for lasting health

Chirohouse Chiropractic Berlin - chiropractic, chiropractors, chirotherapists, innovative therapy, prevention, training - Training Learn what your body needs. Which is the best therapy. How you can become active yourself. Training with professionals.

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Active and encouraging: back in motion through innovative training at the ChiroHouse

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Special fields

Our range of treatments is broad: We also offer special therapies for the musculoskeletal system for pregnant women, newborns, children and professional athletes.

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Mother and child

Gentle and pain-free: with special chiropractic for a successful start to life together

Chiropractic and sports therapy for pregnant women, babies and children at ChiroHouse Berlin

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Professional sport

Professional and custom-fit: experts offer all-round care for competitive athletes

Chirohouse Chiropractors Berlin and Berlin-Mitte. Professional athletes from Berlin and all over Germany come to Chirohouse. We support professional athletes and sportsmen. Release blockades. Achieve goals.

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Innovative concept: Offers individual solutions for neural dysfunctions

Chirohouse Neuropraktik Berlin - chiropractic, chiropractors, chiropractic therapists, innovative therapy, prevention, training - Joan Montserrat specialises in neural manipulation and uses this technique in the ChiroHouse specifically for patients with severe injuries and movement restrictions. Treatment of biomechanical dysfunctions and non-neurological (e.g. diabetes neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, paraplegia, etc.). - Wheelchair counselling - Berlin Mitte

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Fitness training and pelvic floor training for women take place regularly at the Chirohouse. Learn more