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Chiropractic therapy

Effective and beneficial: chiropractic frees the nervous system and promotes self-healing

Chiropractic - Gentle impulses promote self-healing

Back pain, neck pain, headaches or tennis elbow: With short, targeted impulses, our chiropractors release joint blockages, fixations of the spine and disturbances in the nervous system. This enables the free exchange of information between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and relaxes muscles. The parallel preventive treatment stabilises self-regulation and prevents permanent complaints. Our experienced team at the ChiroHouse treats you at the highest level and on the basis of the latest scientific facts at every stage of therapy. Unlike chirotherapists or chiropractors, we chiropractors have completed a four to six year course of study at universities or a public school. Our accredited training is based on uniform, international standards. Unlike in many European countries, chiropractic has not yet been recognised as an independent healing profession in Germany.

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Every body - and therefore every injury - is unique. Our therapies are tailored to you personally. Our goal is always individual: the next tournament for professional athletes, uncomplicated breastfeeding for young mothers.

Diseases of the locomotor system

Neck pain

Do you know this? Too little exercise, working at the computer or too much stress suddenly cause neck pain. One-sided stress causes misalignments in the joints and tensions in the muscles. The body tries to compensate for this misalignment. We chiropractors treat neck pain by straightening your head and neck area back into the physiological position - thus eliminating muscle tension.

Back pain is usually caused by one-sided strain and lack of movement. Incorrect postures or a rotation of the upper body lead to blockages in the spine or ribs and tension in the back muscles. The body tries to compensate for the bad posture, and a wrong movement can then lead to a sudden restriction of mobility. In order to rule out serious causes such as an acute herniated disc, it is important to make an exact diagnosis.

Osteoarthritis, also called joint wear and tear, occurs most frequently in the knee, hip, shoulder, fingers or spine. If a joint is not loaded for a long time or is loaded incorrectly, the cartilage suffers. The cartilage surface becomes softer, develops cracks and cartilage cells die. If the arthrosis progresses, the joint becomes inflamed and swollen. Bony spurs form; the joint space narrows. The joint becomes stiffer and more painful.

Headaches can be caused by incorrect posture, pain in other parts of the body or imbalances in the jaw joint. Experts rule out serious causes and distinguish between the different types of headaches. We chiropractors work on fascia, muscles, joints and nerves during treatment. Our goal is to resolve the causative tension in the body.

Tennis elbow is caused by mechanically overstrained hand and finger muscles at their tendinous transition to the upper arm bone. As a result, complex mechanical misalignments and pain occur on the outside of the elbow, radiating into the forearm. We chiropractors eliminate the misalignments and relax the muscles. In addition, you should take care of the overloaded structures.

Pregnancy changes the posture, the spine, the pelvis and all the ligaments. This is often accompanied by back and pelvic pain, pregnancy sciatica or symphysis pain. Our chiropractors release blockages, take away the pain and help your baby into the correct birth position in the womb. After birth, we offer gentle help for children from the first day of life with incorrect posture or motor development delays.

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