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Sciatica, Sciatic Nerve & Sciatic Pain

We assume that chiropractic treatment supports the healing processes in the body. Blockages in joints, musculoskeletal system and muscles can transfer to the nerves. These in turn can cause sciatica or sciatic pain, lumbago, neck pain, headaches, numbness, high blood pressure, dizziness and digestive problems. Our chiropractic center Berlin has the solution for you!


How can you tell if someone is suffering from sciatic pain?
They say that a person with sciatica can be recognised by the fact that they walk stiffly, have a hunched back and a waddling gait.

Chiropractic care is a great way to treat lumbago and chronic pain and find relaxation.

Sciatica syndrome, sciatica and sciatic nerve

Sciatica (or colloquially "sciatica") is the medical term for pain in your leg that originates from the nerve supply to this region - namely the sciatic nerve. The pain starts at its origin in the buttocks and then travels down through the above area until it reaches all five toes of one foot or both feet, where you may also feel tingling. Sciatica patients tend to have difficulty walking because they have to move so slowly. When standing upright, you may have to adopt a stooped posture.

Sciatica or sciatica syndrome is a debilitating condition that can cause excruciating pain in the legs. It happens when, for example, inflammation presses on the sciatic nerve, which can cause severe shooting pain in various areas from the buttocks to the foot - these are regions where this particular nerve provides sensation.

How does sciatica pain start to spread?
The pain starts gradually at first. As it progresses, you can no longer sit down without bending at an awkward angle. The inflamed muscles cramp all day long as you try to ignore them with every step you take.

Do you have sciatic pain?

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it may be time to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is an effective way to treat these and many other problems. You can get rid of your pain without medication or surgery. It is safe, gentle and natural.

Finally pain-free - don't wait any longer.
Don't wait another day before you get help - call today! We are happy to help find strategies and solutions for you to overcome your sciatic pain. Call us on +49 (0) 30 62975155 - Or make your appointment online. Check out our website at to learn more about how we can help you relieve your pain!

What can chiropractic do for me - How can a chiropractor help me?

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle and effective method of releasing blockages of vertebrae and joints. Common complaints in daily practice include headaches, neck pain, back pain (lumbago) or disc protrusion/prolapse. Chiropractors:inside will help you keep your body stable through regular treatments so you feel healthy.

Our chiropractors:in Berlin treat a wide range of pain and musculoskeletal disorders. The treatment is gentle and effective. Make an appointment and come to our practice.

Our focus:

  • Relief of acute and chronic pain
  • Improve the mobility of muscles and tendons
  • Pain relief after injuries or operations
  • Reduction of discomfort caused by joint malalignment

Your first visit to Chiropractic:inside, Chiropractor:inside?
During your first visit to ChiroHouse Chiropractor Berlin, a comprehensive medical history is taken. Your posture, statics and constitution provide initial findings for the diagnosis.

Chiropractic Centre Berlin for Sciatica Pain and Chronic Pain

We are a chiropractic centre in Berlin. Our goal is to help people live healthier lives by treating the cause of their pain, not just the symptoms. This means that we focus on your musculoskeletal system and your nervous system to find out where the causes are and how to fix them.

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