Master of Science (Sports Science), Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic)

Chiropractor, former competitive athlete

Dominguez Barrera

Master of Science (Sports Science)
Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic)


Ricardo Dominguez Barrera graduated in Chiropractic from the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec in Mexico City, Mexico. Afterwards, the former competitive fencing athlete completed his academic education with a "Master of Sport Science" in cooperation with the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía.

A native of Mexico, he has worked as a chiropractor in Berlin since 2021. Previously, he worked in Mexico since 2014 and was part of the medical team of the Mexican national team (Olympic Committee) internationally.

The son of a family of dentists has been an expert in the treatment of jaw pain and dysfunction (CMD) for years. Well networked with dentists in Berlin and years of experience enable the therapy of complex temporomandibular joint problems.

Through further training in various chiropractic techniques such as "Thompson" or "Gonstead", as well as numerous advanced training in sports medicine, Ricardo is able to treat each:n patient:in individually.

Ricardo has experience in the treatment of pregnant women and children. He is an experienced expert in the care of professional and recreational athletes. It is particularly important for him to understand the needs and concerns of the patient and to adapt the therapy accordingly.



  • International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (FICS)
  • Gonstead technique, Activator technique, Torque Release technique


  • Berlin chiropractors Groom & Partner
  • Centro quiropráctico México-Condesa, Mexico City
  • Chiropractor of the Mexican National Team in Tae Kwon Do
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports (UK)


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