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Shiatsu massages, holistic relaxation massages


Shiatsu masseuse

Cynthia Johnson was born in Germany with American roots and joined the ChiroHouse team in 2022. Her passion for movement, sport and anatomy has been with her since a young age. As an enthusiastic aerialist and trainer, she gained her first experience with massage and relaxation methods at the age of 17.

Cynthia is currently undergoing intensive shiatsu massage training and is learning the technique of deep tissue massage from experienced therapists such as Jonas Gruber. Her therapies focus on relaxation. In these performance-oriented times, she is able to help overworked bodies find peace and balance.

Cynthia treats a wide range of patients, from children from the age of 7 to adults and athletes. Her expertise lies in holistic relaxation massages that stimulate the natural flow of energy, harmonize body and mind and improve sleep quality in the long term.

I would like to help overloaded bodies to find peace and balance in this performance-oriented time.


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