Osteopathy at ChiroHouse - New therapy offers from July 2023!

Osteopathy at ChiroHouse - New therapy offers from July 2023!

Published 3 August 2023 | General ChiroHouse

Boj Boysen has been working as a therapist at ChiroHouse since 2020 and now enriches our therapy offer as an osteopath. The years of cooperation and joint training with our chiropractors, as well as his experience in sports and exercise therapy, serve as a valuable basis and expansion of osteopathic techniques for musculoskeletal complaints.

For acute or chronic back and neck pain, traumatic or recurring sports injuries, Boj uses a combination of manual techniques and active therapy approaches to provide short-term and long-term symptom relief.

If there are movement restrictions that cannot be overcome by the patient's own efforts, osteopathic treatments can help to alleviate the acute complaints. In the course of the therapy, the patient is taught exercises and tips to maintain or even further improve the newly gained freedom of movement.

Osteopathy is generally not covered by the benefits of statutory health insurance. However, many health insurance companies nevertheless support their insured by contributing to the costs incurred. Before an osteopathic treatment is claimed, we therefore recommend to inquire in advance with the health insurance whether and to what extent a cost sharing is possible.


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